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Photo Trips
The Garden of Eden - Lucas, KS
Fairplay - South Park, CO
Castle Rock - Gove County, KS
Looking for Fossils - Russell County, KS
Fall River Road - Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
The Flatirons - Boulder, CO
The Family Tree - This is who I came from
The Shoreham Historical Society - Shoreham, Vermont


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  • Mapping and GIS
    An App for School- Two views of Rabbit Mountain Open Space, Boulder County, CO with an address locator AND a KML layer AND One-click Centering.
    An App for Home- The Two Creeks Historic Rail Survey using the OpenLayers JavaScript API
    Shoreham- Map of Shoreham, Vermont using the OpenLayers JavaScript API
    ShorehamR07- Map of Shoreham, Vermont with Cemetery and Geology layers.
    KML Files
    Coal Park Railroad Survey
    First Survey of the Coal Park Area; August 14, 2011
    Second Survey of the Coal Park Area; August 20, 2011
    Third Survey of the Coal Park Area; August 27, 2011
    Rabbit Mountain Open Space
    Geology I; October 02, 2011
    Photo Points; October 23, 2011
    Hike of April 29, 2012
    Rocky Mountain National Park
    Heil Valley OS Book
    Rabbit Mountain OS Book
    Hall Ranch OS Book
    Fourmile Canyon Fire
    PowerPoint Slide Show
    PDF of Results