I always wanted a model railroad, but never had the place to put it. When I finally bought a house, I decided I would see what I could do in the basement.
I started with a store bought HO set , but quickly decided this wasn't going to be enough. I decided to go with a tri-oval main track and then branch off from that. I scavenged wood for the benchwork and managed to make something ugly but workable.
When I started, all I really wanted to do was run the trains - what they call 'Operations' . I wanted to have a yard so I could make up trains and switch them around and all that. I didn't think I would have much interest in the 'modeling' aspect of the hobby, but I was wrong.
I started buying rolling stock on e-bay and then ran into the New Haven depot kit. I thought that would be fun since I had seen the actual building. I thought from there I would build a little New England type of railroad yard and acquired the kits for the New Haven area.
Since I live in Colorado I am fascinated by the narrow gauge lines that ran through the mountains so I decided I needed some kind of mountain area and wound up building the Mountain Division loop which makes the whole thing a sort of figure eight arrangement. And of course then I needed trestles and bridges and I had so much rolling stock that I needed more spurs and sidings and it just goes on and on and on.....