We finally stopped taking pictures long enough to get to the Alpine Visitor's Center. This is up around 12,000 ft. These pictures are of Trail Ridge to the south. Trail Ridge Road is on the other side of this as can be seen from the map on the previous page. The first was taken due south. It is the cirque at the head of the Fall River valley. The second was taken to the SSE and the third to the SE from the Visitor's Center to show the line of the ridge. I still haven't figured out how to make this into a good panorama view. I suppose I could just do a short video, but I don't think that would give the same quality. The third photo is Sundance Mountain (12,470 ft). The waterfall on the previous page was coming off of this hill. The fourth shot is straight down to the head of the Fall River valley. This is somewhere between 1,000 and 1,500 feet down.

The Visitor's Center has a tourist part and an educational part. We didn't have enough time to look around too much, but I'm sure it is very interesting.

There is a short trail that runs north of the parking area that takes you higher yet. The first picture shows the steps. I guess that the top is about 12,200 ft. I had to stop three times on the way up the stairs because my legs were running out of oxygen. The rock outcrop at the top of the picture is really neat. The pictures don't do it justice. It is a pink granite. I couldn't quite capture the color with the camera and haven't gotten good inough with my image editor to adjust. I think the clouds were against me.

The last picture is of the Mummy Range from the west. Mount Chapin is to the right, then Mount Chiquita, then Ypsilon Mountain. You will notice that this side of the range is more rounded and smoother than the eastern faces; there were no glaciers on this side. Marmot Point is in the foreground.

It was very cold on top of the hill. The wind was blowing hard and it is always cold at this altitude if there isn't any sunshine. My ears got kind of numb, but it was worth the effort. We decided we'd better get back down before dark, so we headed down Trail Ridge Road. We didn't take any pictures, but probably should have. Wait till next time. This is only about half of the park. We should probably visit the morrains and poke around some of the trails. I need the exercise, but I'd better start slow.

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