U. S. Hotel

The U. S. Hotel at Larrabee's Point

The hotel was built by Samuel H. Holley ( a local lawyer) and Benjamin Bowen Brown in 1847 (Goodhue's "History": according to land records, Holley and Brown purchased the property in 1840, so this date may be in question) on the site of the original Rowley Tavern at Larrabee's Point. The hotel changed hands many times through the years, finally becoming Larrabee's Lake House (operated by a Troy, New York corporation) around 1890 . The building burned in 1917 and was, unfortunately, not rebuilt.

More fortunately, the Stone Warehouse at Larrabee's point still exists. It is owned by Mahlon and Gena Teachout who operate the "Carillon" tour boat around the southern end of Lake Champlain. The building, along with a wharf, was constructed in 1823. Also below is an engraving from Goodhue's ""History", ca. 1860 showing the Hotel and associated buildings at the point.
Stone Warehouse

Larrabee's Point