P.O. Box 156
Route 22-A
Shoreham, VT 05770
Stone School House:200Hx300W

New book on Shoreham available!

T-ShirtImages BookArcadia Publishing's "Images of America" series has a new addition on Shoreham. The book costs $21.99 and if you buy it from a Shoreham Historical Society member, we will get the profit to put toward our new storage/display barn. Shipping can be done by priority mail for $5.60.
We are also selling t-shirts with the Green Mountain Boys flag on them. Above the flag it says "America's first victory" and below "launched from Shoreham, Vermont." They are available in short sleeve for $15 and long sleeve for $20 in both youth and adult sizes. Profits from the sales of shirts and books will go toward our proposed new display/storage barn. Contact S.H.S. at P.O. Box 156, Shoreham, VT 05770 for more information.

Programs 2015

  • April 1st: “What’s Under the Dress” To be held at the library at 7:00 p.m. Have you ever wondered how women of the Civil War period achieved that famous silhouette? Please join the Shoreham Historical Society for a fun and educational program and find out! Lynn Austin, a Green Mountain Civilian Civil War re-enactor, will conduct a live demonstration of the daily routine ladies of the era endured to achieve the socially accepted look of the 1860s, while explaining the intricacies of ladies’ fashion of the day.

  • May 6th: “Find Out the History of Your House” To be held at the Town Clerk’s Office at 7:00 p.m. Barb Kivlin, former town treasurer, will be in the vault instructing you to use the land records. Sue MacIntire, town historian, will be set up at a table with old maps and books including an insurance book from the 19th & early 20th century showing drawings on graph paper of individual properties insured so you can find out where all the outbuilding were. Phil Kivlin, lister, will be set up at another table with the lister’s maps and cards.

  • August 5th: “On the Common: A History & Memoir of Newton Academy” To be held at the library at 7:00 p.m. Ed Barnard, author of the book on Newton Academy he published last year will present a program on Newton Academy and will have books to sell.



  • Village Cemetery
  • Lakeview Cemetery
  • St. Genevieve's Cemetery
  • Ames-Wright Community Cemetery
  • Jenison Cemetery
  • East Shoreham Cemetery
  • The Atwood Yard
  • The Callender Yard
  • All Saints Cemetery
  • The Russell Yard
  • Cemetery Map 250Hx250W

    Some Links of Interest

    Town of Shoreham from VirtualVermont - town information

    Vermont Historical Society - all Vermont History, and links to other local societies
    Addison Railroad Historical Society - the Addison Branch of the Rutland RR
    A fascinating site with a full history of the branch line of the Rutland Railroad that ran through the towns of Whiting, Shoreham, and Orwell, before crossing Lake Champlain to New York. Excellent photo gallery. See a map of the Addison Branch.
    Remembering the Rutland - the Rutland Railroad Historical Society

    Publications About Shoreham

    In Print:
    Shoreham - the Town and Its People - an updating of the Goodhue classic
    A Genealogical Register of the Early Families of Shoreham, Vermont - 1992 Supplement
    The Historic Architecture of Addison County - published by the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation in 1992.
    Out of Print, but worth finding:
    A Genealogical Register of the Early Families of Shoreham, Vermont - MacIntire & Witherell 1984
    History of the Town of Shoreham
    - authored by Rev. Josiah F. Goodhue 1861

    Other Stuff

    The Town Charter
    1790 Census Data for Shoreham and Surrounding Towns- Heads of households and size of families.
    A Map of the Town
    Compiled from a USGS topographic map of 1902 with names of residents taken from the Beers Map of 1871

    People to Contact

    For information on the Society contact:
    Shoreham Historical Society
    P.O.Box 156
    Shoreham VT 05770

    For genealogical inquiries contact:
    Susan MacIntire
    P.O. Box 235
    Shoreham, VT 05770