Mr. Hanky Peaches and I thought since we were in Colorado on the Fourth of July, we would go up to South Park on another picture-taking expedition. It's about a two hour drive from Littleton up US 285. The climb is to Kenosha Pass at 10,000 feet. There used to be a railroad that ran over the top to the mining camps. This must have been quite the engineering feat.

We stopped and took some pictures from the top of the pass. It is a spectacular sight when you finally get over the pass; the mountains open up and all you see is range land and the Continental Divide. It's about 500 feet down to the floor of the park. The valley was very green, considering the time of year. The temperature was about 70 and it was very pleasant in spite of the wind. There isn't a lot of air up there, so the sun keeps you warm.

We took some pictures of the mountains from the floor on our way to Fairplay. We also stopped on Red Hill Pass and took some pictures of the rocks in the cut. This pass is over a ridge in the middle of the park.

As you can see, Fairplay has decided to be the official 'South Park' city. There is no real town of South Park, Colorado but Fairplay is the only town of any size so they sort of got it by default. They have a very good museum there that is called South Park City. They have brought a number of original buildings from the surrounding area and restored them to look like a mining town from the 1880's. The buildings have many exhibits about industry, geology, culture, and history of the area. These are very well done and quite informative.

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