John Bent (male)
Death27 Sep 1672Sudbury, MA
Father29 Sep 1566Robert Bent
Mother1570Agnes (Annis) Gosling

Martha Blanchard (female)
Death15 May 1679Sudbury, MA

Family of John Bent & Martha Blanchard
Marriage3 Oct 1644Hampshire, Eng.
Girl12 Dec 1631Agnes (Anna) Bent

Robert Bent (male)
Birth29 Sep 1566Unknown
Death29 Jul 1631Sudbury, MA
Father1535John Bent

Agnes (Annis) Gosling (female)
DeathUnknownOnboard ship outside Boston harbor

Family of Robert Bent & Agnes (Annis) Gosling
Marriage13 Oct 1589England
Boy1596John Bent

John Bent (male)
Birth1535Grafton, Southampshire, Eng.
Death18 Sep 1588Grafton

Edith (female)
Birth1544Calne, Eng.
Death15 Jul 1574Calne, Eng.

Family of John Bent & Edith
Boy29 Sep 1566Robert Bent

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