Noah Jones (male)
Birth26 Nov 1711Watertown, MA
Death4 Jul 1781Worcester, MA
FatherUnknownNathaniel Jones
MotherUnknownMary Cook

Rebecca Heywood (female)
Birth25 Jul 1725Worcester, MA
Death11 Jan 1771Worcester, MA
Father15 Apr 1696Daniel Heywood
Mother1696Hannah Ward

Family of Noah Jones & Rebecca Heywood
Girl19 Jan 1745Mary Jones
Boy10 Jan 1748Phineas Jones
Girl7 Jan 1749Rebecca Jones
Girl5 Jan 1752Lydia Jones
Boy12 Sep 1758Noah Jones
Boy8 Nov 1760William Jones
Boy22 Jul 1762Timothy Jones
Boy12 Apr 1765Asa Jones

Noah Jones (male)
Birth12 Sep 1758Worcester, MA
Death24 Sep 1850Shoreham, VT
Father26 Nov 1711Noah Jones
Mother25 Jul 1725Rebecca Heywood

Deborah Holbrook (female)
Birth28 Mar 1759Sherborn, MA
Death9 Apr 1838Shoreham, VT
Father2 Oct 1729Eleazer Holbrook
Mother1 May 1998Keziah Leland

Family of Noah Jones & Deborah Holbrook
Marriage24 Apr 1781Worcester, MA
Girl23 Jul 1781Polly Jones
Boy11 Apr 1783Samuel Jones
Girl8 Nov 1788Lucy Jones
Boy2 Dec 1791Chauncey Jones
Boy30 Nov 1793Noah, Jr Jones
Boy25 Oct 1797John Jones

Chauncey Jones (male)
Birth2 Dec 1791Shoreham, VT
Death22 Jul 1822Augusta, GA
Father12 Sep 1758Noah Jones
Mother28 Mar 1759Deborah Holbrook

Mary H. Pearson (female)

Family of Chauncey Jones & Mary H. Pearson
Marriage8 Nov 1821Unknown
GirlUnknownLucy Matilda Jones

Noah, Jr Jones (male)
Birth30 Nov 1793Shoreham, VT
Death15 Apr 1873Shoreham, VT
Father12 Sep 1758Noah Jones
Mother28 Mar 1759Deborah Holbrook

Ruby Stockwell (female)
Birth1 May 1802Unknown
Death11 May 1852Unknown
FatherUnknownJoshua Stockwell
MotherUnknownRachel Reeve

Family of Noah, Jr Jones & Ruby Stockwell
Girl3 Oct 1822Charlotte E. Jones
Girl3 Oct 1822Charlotte E. Jones
Girl22 Apr 1826Jennette Jones
Boy8 Jun 1830Walter Jones
Girl25 Jun 1836Mary Ellen Jones
Boy23 Aug 1839Walter S. Jones

Asa Jones (male)
Birth12 Apr 1765Worcester, MA
Death21 Apr 1841Shoreham, VT
Father26 Nov 1711Noah Jones
Mother25 Jul 1725Rebecca Heywood

Sarah Holbrook (female)
Birth3 Jun 1765Worcester, MA
Death9 May 1843Shoreham, VT
Father2 Oct 1729Eleazer Holbrook
Mother1 May 1998Keziah Leland

Family of Asa Jones & Sarah Holbrook
Marriage7 Jun 1784Unknown
Girl28 Feb 1785Anna Jones
Girl17 Jun 1787Eleanor Jones
Boy28 Jan 1790Asa Jones
Girl30 May 1792Aura Jones
Child1795Sarah Jones
Girl19 Apr 1801Eliza Jones

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