JACOB Moore (male)
Birth28 Apr 1645Sudbury, MA
Death23 Mar 1716Sudbury, MA
Father1611JOHN Moore
MotherAbout 1612ELIZABETH Rice

ELIZABETH Loker (female)
Death14 Dec 1690Sudbury, MA
FatherUnknownHenry Loker
MotherUnknownHannah Brewer

Family of JACOB Moore & ELIZABETH Loker
Marriage29 May 1667Sudbury, MA
BoyUnknownDaniel Moore
Boy1668Jacob Moore
Boy12 Sep 1670Richard Moore
Boy13 Dec 1673John Moore
Girl4 Feb 1675Elizabeth Moore
Boy21 Jun 1678Nathaniel Moore
Girl18 Jul 1680Hannah Moore
Girl28 Jan 1682Sarah Moore
Girl13 Apr 1684Sarah Moore
Boy15 Jul 1689Samuel Moore
Boy1691JAMES Moore
BoyAbout 1694Jonathan Moore

JOHN Moore (male)
Birth1611London(?), Eng.
DeathJan 1674Worcester(?),MA

ELIZABETH Rice (female)
BirthAbout 1612England(?)
Death14 Dec 1690Sudbury(?), MA
FatherBefore 1600Henry Rice
Mother24 Mar 1588Elizabeth Frost

Family of JOHN Moore & ELIZABETH Rice
Marriage27 Nov 1633England (per Dills)
Girl8 Sep 1641Mary Moore
Girl24 Jul 1643Lydia Moore
Boy28 Apr 1645JACOB Moore
Child21 Oct 1647Joseph Moore
Girl10 Jan 1648Elizabeth II Moore

FRANKLIN Moore (male)
Birth1815Shoreham, VT
Death22 Mar 1900Shoreham, VT
Father15 Jan 1777JAMES (Dea.) Moore
Mother1788Mary Stedman
In 1860, Franklin lived on the farm originally owned by Noah Jones on Worcester Hill, now on Hiway 74 at the intersection with Worcester Road about 2.8mi NE of the Village. He probably inherited this farm through his marriage to Charlotte. The house was burned recently, though the shell is still standing.

Charlotte E. Jones (female)
Birth3 Oct 1822Shoreham, VT
Death7 Jan 1866Unknown
Father30 Nov 1793Noah, Jr Jones
Mother1 May 1802Ruby Stockwell

Family of FRANKLIN Moore & Charlotte E. Jones
Marriage7 Sep 1841Unknown
Boy5 May 1843LESLIE ERWIN Moore
Child1854Frank L. Moore

Asa Moore (male)
Birth23 Oct 1719Sudbury, MA
Death13 Jun 1800Unknown
Father1691JAMES Moore
Mother10 Aug 1701COMFORT Rice

Sarah Heywood (female)
Birth1 Feb 1722Unknown
Death13 Dec 1760Unknown
Father15 Apr 1696Daniel Heywood
Mother1696Hannah Ward

Family of Asa Moore & Sarah Heywood
MarriageBefore 1744Unknown

Paul Moore (male)
Birth22 Nov 1729Worcester, MA
Death2 Jul 1809Shoreham, VT
Father1691JAMES Moore
Mother10 Aug 1701COMFORT Rice

Sarah Larrabee (female)
Birth5 Apr 1768Plainfield, CT
Death26 Jul 1832Shoreham, VT
FatherUnknownJohn Larrabee
MotherUnknownMary Spaulding

Family of Paul Moore & Sarah Larrabee
MarriageAbout 1785Unknown

JAMES (Dea.) Moore (male)
Birth15 Jan 1777Worcester, MA
Death3 Aug 1862Shoreham, VT
Father20 Jun 1741JAMES Moore
Mother7 Jan 1749Rebecca Jones

Anna Rice (female)
Death20 Sep 1813Shoreham, VT
FatherUnknownAbel Rice
MotherUnknownAnna Nichols

Family of JAMES (Dea.) Moore & Anna Rice
BoyBefore 1809Percival Moore
GirlBefore 1809Eliza Moore
BoyBefore 1809Nelson Moore
BoyBefore 1809Harry Moore
Girl12 Feb 1809Louisa Moore

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