Albert M. Smith (male)
Birth7 Feb 1837Shoreham, VT
Death24 Apr 1915Shoreham, VT
Father8 Aug 1801Reuben Smith
Mother19 Apr 1801Eliza Jones

Belle C. Skinner (female)
Birth11 Sep 1846Wadhams Falls, NY
Death17 Sep 1876Unknown
Father9 May 1800George Skinner
Mother22 Jul 1806Clara S. Cady

Family of Albert M. Smith & Belle C. Skinner
Marriage2 Jun 1868Unknown
Girl20 Sep 1871Rena Belle Smith

Reuben Smith (male)
Birth8 Aug 1801Shoreham, VT
Death7 Aug 1876Shoreham, VT
Father26 Nov 1765Silas Smith
MotherUnknownHannah Waite

Eliza Jones (female)
Birth19 Apr 1801Shoreham, VT
Death7 Feb 1869Shoreham, VT
Father12 Apr 1765Asa Jones
Mother3 Jun 1765Sarah Holbrook

Family of Reuben Smith & Eliza Jones
Marriage4 Dec 1823Unknown
Boy9 Oct 1824Carlos J. Smith
Boy23 Jan 1827Silas K. Smith
Boy7 Jan 1835George L. Smith
Boy7 Feb 1837Albert M. Smith
Child29 Jun 1839Marion E. Smith

Silas Smith (male)
Birth26 Nov 1765Manchester, VT
Death4 Feb 1813Shoreham, VT
Father1745Stephen Smith
Mother1744Martha Whelpley

Hannah Waite (female)

Family of Silas Smith & Hannah Waite
Boy8 Aug 1801Reuben Smith
GirlAbout 1802Lucy Smith
GirlAbout 1803Darcy Smith
GirlAbout 1804Sally Smith

Stephen Smith (male)
Birth1745Greenwich, CT
Death7 Jul 1829Shoreham, VT
Father1716/17Nathan (Jr.) Smith
Mother24 Feb 1720Rachel Holmes

Martha Whelpley (female)
FatherUnknownNathan Whelpley

Family of Stephen Smith & Martha Whelpley
Boy2 Apr 1764Stephen (Jr.) Smith
Boy26 Nov 1765Silas Smith
Girl6 Jan 1767Polly (Mary) Smith
Girl7 Feb 1770Rachel Smith
Girl7 Feb 1772Elizabeth Smith
Girl1 Feb 1774Dorcas Smith
Girl20 Nov 1776Martha (Patty) Smith
Girl20 Jan 1778Susannah Smith
Girl18 Apr 1780Anna (Amy) Smith
Boy15 Jan 1782Reuben Smith
Girl18 May 1785Sarah (Aunt Sally) Smith

Nathan (Jr.) Smith (male)
Birth1716/17Greenwich, CT
Death25 Mar 1759Nine Partners, NY
FatherUnknownNathan Smith
MotherUnknownHester Green

Rachel Holmes (female)
Birth24 Feb 1720Greenwich, CT
DeathAfter 1761Connecticutt (?)
FatherUnknownJonathan Holmes
MotherUnknownSarah Seeley

Family of Nathan (Jr.) Smith & Rachel Holmes
Boy1745Stephen Smith

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