John Wilson (male)
Birth25 Jan 1788Warwick, MA
Death21 Sep 1831Columbus, OH
Father10 Aug 1754John (Dr) Wilson
Mother1752Cynthia Gould

Deborah Cushman (female)
Birth14 Feb 1791Middleborough, MA
Death5 Apr 1842Middlebury, VT
FatherUnknownIchabod Cushman
MotherUnknownMary Norton

Family of John Wilson & Deborah Cushman
Marriage14 Jun 1812Unknown
Girl1 Jul 1813Jane Ann Wilson

John (Dr) Wilson (male)
Birth10 Aug 1754Oxford, MA
Death6 Feb 1829Shoreham, VT
FatherUnknownJohn Wilson
MotherUnknownLois Town

Cynthia Gould (female)
Death5 Mar 1824Shoreham, VT

Family of John (Dr) Wilson & Cynthia Gould
Marriage21 Feb 1781Sturbridge, MA
Boy3 Feb 1783Gardner Wilson
Child30 Jul 1785Betsey (Elizabeth) Wilson
Boy25 Jan 1788John Wilson

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